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Introducing the East Portland Fish Sanctuary!!
- now one of Jamaica's largest marine reserves

We encourage environmental stewardship, working with local people and communities

Targeted Restoration: We rebuild and restore local reefs and coastlines

We educate, train and support coastal communities to protect vulnerable resources


Since Fish Sanctuary Established


Corals Outplanted


Fish Biomass Improved


Mangrove Seedlings Planted

Welcome to the Alligator Head Foundation

The Alligator Head Foundation supports the conservation of coastal resources with passion and the rehabilitation of local communities that depend on fishing as a livelihood. We deliver research, education, outreach and training to empower communities to adopt the tools needed to build a more sustainable relationship with their ocean.


East Portland Fish Sanctuary

The newest and largest Fish Sanctuary in Jamaica


Alligator Head Marine Lab

Delivering high quality research in Portland’s marine and coastal environment


TBA21 The Current

A new creative approach to knowledge production


Waste Management

Educating communities on proper
waste management