The Alligator Head Foundation is on a mission…

We have so much local and international support, strategic gloabal alliances with other ocean communities and good will from the local community and fisherfolk. We now need to transform you all into becoming donors and participants. With the biodiversity we will recover and restore in the East Portland Fish Sanctuary we need a ‘diverse’ list of donations and engagements! You can help us build everything we need to make this happen!

As a not-for-profit organisation we work with partners, donors and sponsors in a variety of different ways:
  • Match-funding for new or on-going projects
  • One-off donations
  • Both broad and focused partnership programmes
  • Sustainable financial support
  • Design and development of innovative personalised initiatives
  • All our projects integrate the knowledge, resources and influence of our partners, to optimise effectiveness and ensure long term sustainability..
Four ways YOU can make a difference:
  • You can be part of our coral reef restoration program through our ‘adopt a coral’ project. 50USD per baby coral.
  • You can help one of our champion fisherman become a diver – fund someone to get certified. They will help us with the nursery and enable our scientists do do their research! 500USD per certification.
  • You can adopt a 100 baby turtles and help protect them on their way to the sea – supporting the beach wardens who protect them. 500USD per batch of 100.
  • You can support our wardens to protect the beaches where the turtles are laying their eggs. 1000USD per year.