Livelihood Diversification

We deliver training and capacity building to support fisherman to move away from destructive fishing practices (such as spearfishing) to more sustainable livelihoods. These projects include ecotourism operations, boat tours, sport fishing & recycling.

Training and Certification programs

Lifeguard training
The foundation has already certified 12 Lifeguards.

Ecotourism: Watersports and Diving  

The AHF develops innovative community ecotourism and other creative projects. These projects are designed in consultation with the community and seek to create alternative livelihood strategies through the sustainable use of natural resources. Projects include:  a community dive operation, turtle nesting, craft projects, bird watching, eco-tours and recycling  and sport fishing projects.


Pelagic Fishing
We will install two Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) to develop sustainable fishing practicing with artisanal fisherfolk. FADs are man-made objects used to coral pelagic fish such as…………….