Education & Outreach


In partnership with the Portland Environment Protection Association and the AHML a number of public consultations have been held with local fisherfolk and other stakeholders to build consensus on the establishment of the East Portland Fish Sanctuary.

The outreach and education activities have continued through monthly forums with fisherfolk, community education workshops on climate change adaptation, field trips to other fish sanctuaries for local stakeholders and the implementation of workshops by a team from Cabo Pulmo, Mexico. These activities served to highlight to locals the potential benefits of a marine protected area, share experiences and provide a model that can be adapted to the local context.

The Port Antonio Outreach Booth:

The AHF has established an outreach booth at the Port Antonio Craft Village. The booth was established to disseminate information on the research activities of the AHML, provide information on the East Portland Fish Sanctuary, provide updates on the activities of the AHF and provide general environmental information to locals and visitors.