Francesca von Habsburg is a philanthropist, art patron and environmentalist. Francesca is passionate about the oceans and has become a knowledgeable spokesperson about the brutal exploitation of the marine environment. She focuses on solutions and opportunities for regeneration. Working at the intersection of art and the environment using this to change the lens; challenging fixed perceptions and using this energy to help humanity reconsider the way we think, feel, and live.

Francesca established the Alligator Head Foundation as a means to encourage and facilitate an urgently needed change in attitude towards the environment that surrounds us. By helping build understanding and value so that we can respect and conserve our ecosystem.

“By rejecting extinction, climate change and overfishing, we are taking important decisions that will give our oceans a chance to recover” Francesca von Habsburg.

The foundation combines the creative industries with ecotourism and conservation in order to reintroduce the values needed to take the right decisions for the future. Building a platform for people to express their relationship to the environment, to the oceans, and the struggles of indigenous communities to adapt to devastating changes in their lived environment.