How it works

The East Portland Fish Sanctuary located on the North Eastern coast on the parish of Portland, is now one of Jamaica’s largest and deepest marine reserves. It spans 6km2 of critical coastline from Blue lagoon (East) to Trident Castle (West). This includes; stunning coral reef, pristine white sandy beaches, rich mangroves and great snorkelling and diving locations. The area supports juvenile fish, birds, sea turtles and other marine life. The water currents play a crucial role in supplying food, nutrients and enabling the migration of marine life.


A Fish Sanctuary is a protected coastal area where no fishing is allowed – covering mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass beds and other coastal areas. These no fishing zones act as nurseries for young fish, turtles and other marine life allowing them to breed, grow and repopulate the local area, increasing the fish stock and maintaining healthy reefs.

Once the fish reach maturity they will move outside the sanctuary and spill over to other fishing grounds where fishing is allowed, improving the livelihoods of the local fishing communities.

The areas within the boundaries are strictly no fishing zones.

No person shall:

fish-icon-new Fish anywhere within the set boundaries

fish-icon-new Introduce any species into the fish sanctuary

fish-icon-new Transport, purchase, receive, keep, rear, breed or propagate any specimens from the SFCA

Any person that fails to abide by these rules is liable to fines and/or gear confiscation.